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Alan, I thought wild camping had been illegal in France for years!
Mainly because of the fire risk in summer from cooking outside. It is
rigidly enforced.
This has nothing to do with parking a motorhome (overnight) &
enjoying this beautiful country.
You're so right, Stuart. What we call "wild camping" in motorhomes isn't
really camping (and isn't really very wild either). When you hear that
"camping" or "wild camping" is forbidden, it's usually aimed at people
putting up a tent in a field or open space without the permission of the
owner, and the concerns are often to do with open fires and damage to the
ground. If they say "no camping" in a car park, they do mean us, but
otherwise I don't think they do. As you say, if it's legal to park
overnight, it's legal to sleep in your vehicle, unless it's specifically

Marjorie Clarke

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