Re: [MH-list] Irish SIM & PayPal problems.

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On 19 February 2011 21:21, Whitehead, Simon <> wrote:

Was the mistake PayPal's or the guy you got the sim from?

I don't want to be overly protective of PayPal but at the same time I am
not comfortable with laying blaim where it may not truly belong...
Simon there were two problems. Firstly the seller was apparently at
fault for selling Vodafone SIMs that he should not have been selling
as Vodafone cut them off. I e-mailed V and received a reply that they
would reply in detail, probably in 48 hours or similar.

That was the last I heard from V despite further e-mails from me.
Others on the list had the same problem.

I returned the SIM following eBay's recommended method. They told me
that the seller had 10 days to respond, otherwise I was entitled to a
full return of my payment. I heard nothing for about a fortnight.

I contacted them again and was informed that I was entitled to a full
refund as I had followed their returns procedure correctly.

Then I was not. Then I was. Then I had to do many things on their
website, which I always did, but still the money did not arrive. This
is the short version.


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