Re: [MH-list] Irish SIM & PayPal problems.

W Mathieson <w_mathieson@...>

Paypal charge for sending money to a bank account. Looks like they charged
you about 5%

On Sat, Feb 19, 2011 at 9:12 PM, Reg <> wrote:

I thought that I'd post brief details my current situation on this topic.

I paid 49,99 for the SIM that was a charge on my credit card of
43.66 back in September last year.

Today I have found that 41.34 has at long last arrived in a current
bank a/c from PayPal.

The amount of effort and cost of at least three phone calls to PP and
the many e-mails and web forms set to them, was not really worth the

So much for their safe and protected payment system.

I know that many have not had any problems with PP, but as I've said
for over a quarter of a century, the only way to tell a good company
from a bad company is how they perform when they make a mistake.

That transaction was my first and last transaction with PP.



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