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Another resend...

I left a pdf in the files area called" technical_data_book_pdf_en.pdf " that shows all the data on continental tyres. I was interested in the Vanco range. That file shows what rims each tyre can be fitted to and then what the load index will be. Although I know that this pdf is rather out of date (2004) this sort of data is still valid.

Recently I fitted a set of new tyres to my Merc based Hymer and I fitted Vanco again. It turns out that there is no "Motorhome tyre" available for the size I wanted. I find the Vanco type very good indeed. The previous set were fitted when new and were years old and the reason for changing them was due to age. Although there was no sign of wear or perishing I was advised that there is a small but increasing chance that the tread could start to separate simply due to age alone. We don't go far in a year but when we use the MH we tend to do long journeys (Venice etc) and I really don't want any blow-outs when I am on holiday!

I bought through etyres over the internet. They came and fitted them and the price quoted was inclusive of valves and balancing and tax. It was a really good deal at somewhat less than £100 per wheel. My local garages all said that they could get the tyre in a few days and the lowest price was a little over £100 plus all the bits and some garages make an additional charge for disposal of the old tyres.

On 7 Nov 2010, at 08:30, df_priory wrote:


I have Fiat 6J alloys on my Luna that are fitted with 215/70r/15c tyres, I would like to fit 225/70r/15c tyres on the rear alloys, to improve the LI,but I can't find any info to tell me if that is OK.
I realise that I won't be able to swap tyres around if I continue with 215 on the front, but that is not a worry for me.

I have tried a couple of national tyre suppliers and they seem to suggest that the decision is mine to make.

Has anyone else done this swap?


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