Re: [MH-list] Re: Wild camping in France now illegal?

Buff Eagle <buff@...>

Alan, I had no problems at all wild camping in France over the Bank
Holiday but we were carefully looked at by the gendames on more than
one occasion.
I agree with what Chris says . . . and yes, we are often looked at by the
police in France when we are parked up to wild camp, but we just smile and
wave and actually are very pleased that they take a note of our number
plates. We like the idea that police are cruising around and have never
ever had any problems. We always try to spend the latter part of the
evening where we intend to spend the night and just see how the locals
respond. We have a VW with the sliding door and in the summer leave that
open and smile at everyone that goes by.

Buff :0)

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