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clara pascual

It's not Gulbenkian, that is in Lisbon,Portugal.
It's Gugennheim, but this is not the safest place in the world to park a Mh.

De: David Scholes <>
Enviado: miƩ,27 enero, 2010 17:32
Asunto: [MH-list] Re:Bilbao


A couple of years ago my nephew got married in Bilbao and the whole
family went there (hotel not motorhomes). What a lovely place it is.
There was a motorhome parked at the Art Gallery (Gulbenkian if I have
got it right). Good place to park and get robbed. He did.

The reception was at or in Plencia. Lovely place. Got very drunk then
went back to Bilbao by train. Walked back to the hotel from the
station but went the wrong way. Wound up near the art gallery then
along the river bank past a series of nightclubs where the crowd were
being observed by several gangs of police but we never got harassed in
the slightest. Seems that motorhomes are fair game but tourists in
panama hats are safe.


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