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clara pascual

What's the meaning of be sorted???

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Thank you Clara – very very useful. I think I am sorted now!

Kind regards,


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Hello Paul.
If you go to Bilbao in summer, there is a fantastic aire of services, in
CORBETAS, with all the facilities, and vigilance: 15€ per night.But it only
works in summer,
In Bilbao there is a big parking, called ZORROZAURRE, where you can park
with any problem. I do not have coordenates, as I'm from Badajoz, in the
south. Just look in Google Earth or Maps.
These are two copy and paste from a Spanish foro:
1.-PLENTZIA es un sitio estupendo para estacionar y pernoctar , justo en
frente de la estacion de metro , en una esplanada detras del parking, junto
al campo de rugbi.
Si quereis dormir junto a la mar , a la noche os podeis acercar hasta
el parking de la playa de Gorliz y con suerte quizas alguien este
cojiendo angulas a la ola.
Las cordenadas de la estacion de plentzia creo que son 43.401635, -2.947191

MEANING: Plentzia is a wonderful place to park and overnight, just in front
of the tube station, close to the Rugby grass.
If you want to sleep in the beach, at night you can go to Playa Gorliz
parking. Coordenates:43.401635, -2.947191
Un buen sitio podría ser Artxanda, y ahí hay funicular para bajar a Bilbao,
creo que cada 15 minutos (http://www.bilbao.
net/funicularArtxanda/jsp/home.jsp). El sitio es bonito, hay aparcamientos
amplios, cerca hay un balcón desde donde se ve todo Bilbao,
junto al aparcamiento hay una zona con mesas y barbacoas, columpios (no
sé si vas con niños), también hay varios bares y restaurantes...

A good place could be ARTXANDA, there is a funicular to go to Bilbao each
It's a nice place, with big parkings, tables and BBQ's. There are also some
restaurants and bars.


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Hi, does anyone know of somewhere to park up the motorhome (8 metres) close
enough to Bilbao to walk to the old city to explore? Just looking to be
there for 3-4 hours. I can't see any sites to actually stay over at which
are very close, so thought a few hours there would suffice.

Has anybody any views on Bilbao - is it worth exploring?


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