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We also travelled around Scotland for over a month, and we always wild camped. (Even in Fort Willian, in an incredible place...)
I really love your country: England, Scotland, Wales , North Ireland, Ireland....We only had some problems with wildcamping in one or two places in England.
This year we'll go to Canadá. We swap our MH with a Quebecoise family. It's a really big one!!!

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Good news, they are building a Tesco in Portree.

Just to get back onto something concerning motorhomes, and which will be of
interest to others (I hope):))

We recently spent a couple of weeks travelling up the west coast of
Scotland and really enjoyed the tremendous scenery, I'd quite forgotten how
beautiful it could be (and how awful when the rain is lashing down, but not a
lot of that).

Wild camping was the order of the day except for the last two days, when we
met up with friends.

I was surprised at the number of places which had "no overnight parking"
signs displayed, especially around Fort William, you'd think you were back in
England, wild camping motorhomes were definitely not welcome.

That said, we never failed to find somewhere to park overnight, and, to get
back to Kenny, there are several places on Skye where parking is possible
without bothering anyone (provided of course, that you don't want to
socialise or eat out), especially towards the northern end of Skye (beyond

Apart from a rapid deflation of a rear tyre requiring the purchase of two
new tyres (discovered both rears were well beyond their "sell by" date) we
had a superb visit which has put the idea of a longer trip, after
retirement, into our heads - preferably after the midges have departed this mortal


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