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clara pascual

Hola Louisa:
How are you??
Each decimo de lotería costs the same:20€ in the shops and no more than 25 on the internet.
El GORDO means the big premium, you in english have a translation for it. The pot, the big pot, or something like that...Sorry, but I don't remember now.
With a ticket of this lottery (called DECIMO) you can win several amounts of money...or no one. We always buy a Decimo in the place we work, just in case not to be the only person in my work that doesn't win...But we have never won anything but for once, just the same cost of the ticket....


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Enviado: lun,23 noviembre, 2009 18:52
Asunto: Re: [MH-list] El Gordo CLARA

Hola Clara
I've always wondered what the cheapest Gordo lottery ticket is.. The ones
I've seen have all cost about 25 euros each or more..
Do you know what the cheapest is?
Hasta luego,
Louisa :0)

Hi again!!
There are a lot of places on the internet where you can buy a "décimo de
lotería" with any risk for you. Here you have a link of one of the most
famous lottery shops in Spain:

https://www. serviapuestas. es/agp/WebObject s/Serviapuestas. woa/wa?mc= bruja_niv_ decimos&wid= 1&campanya= 38&format= banner&dispatche d=1258981243762& locale=es_ _BRUJA&palabra= comprar_loteria_ navidad&navigate To=%2FLoteriaNac ional%2FSpecialD rawSingle% 2Fnavidad2009Sin gleTicket

But, if you write in GOOGLE "comprar loteria de navidad" (:buy christmas
lottery), you'll find lots of places to buy it.

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