Re: [MH-list] El Gordo

clara pascual

I can buy you one. I'm not sure if you can buy it on the internet.. let me assure me about that.

De: ErnB .. <>
Para: "" <>
Enviado: lun,23 noviembre, 2009 09:44
Asunto: [MH-list] El Gordo

Some of you over wintering in the more southern climes could have a go at
maybe the biggest lottery in the world. See here: -

http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Spanish_Christma s_Lottery

The prize list is most impressive with lots and lots of moderate prizes
rather than one stupid mega amount going to a single winner. Isn't it better
for 180 people to win €3M?

Anyone down there who buy me a décimo or two? Or can I buy in France? I am
still trying to get a Christmas trip in. Hopefully before Christmas, this
year. :-))

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