Re: [MH-list] Aires or free spots Southern Spain ?

clara pascual

I can not attach the files. Why?

De: Baltasar Arias Cabezas <>
Enviado: jueves, 17 de septiembre, 2009 19:44:13
Asunto: Re: [MH-list] Aires or free spots Southern Spain ?

No problems with the wildcamping here, except in Catalonia and Asturias coasts where you only can park in the "areas".
I'm going to try to attach a file with an official list of aires in Spain and another with the Galicia ones.
If you need anything more,I´m here.

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De: torquayite <peter@torquayite.>
Para: motorhome-list@ yahoogroups.
Enviado: jueves, 17 de septiembre, 2009 19:24:05
Asunto: [MH-list] Aires or free spots Southern Spain ?

We are off to France on Tuesday for a couple of months, LD Lines return
for £206, two people and 6.5 metre van. Hope to head down as far as
Gibralter or Southern Spain, but am not sure if the free spots for
overnight parking are still easily found. We used to be able to park
over night in quiet streets or building sites with no problem, but I see
quite a few French aires are being closed, possibly because they have
become too popular, and wonder if the attitudes in Spain are difficult ?
Any recent wild campers views would be appreciated. Peter in gloriously
warm and sunny Torquay. (It always does this when we decide to go away!)

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