Re: Length of mains hookup lead?

tonyishuk <nonny_mouse@...>

We carry a 12.5 and 25 metre leads, 12.5m works for most CC sites.
The other half of the 12.5 is semie permenantly connected up at

Sorry ... didn't really understand this. You're saying that the lead
that is
permanently' connected is also the one that works best at most sites.
Is this
correct? If
not, which lead is which?


Apologies !! For one reason or another I ended up with two 25 metre
leads, I thought that carrying 50 metres was over kill and cut one
lead in half. So I carry a 12.5 metre (used 7 times out of 10) and a
25 metre (used 2 times out of 10) and on the tenth occasion join the
two together !!.

The "spare" 12.5 metre lenth I wired up with a 13amp plug and use it
as a wander-lead for the M/van to charge the batteries, run the
hoover in the van after returning from a trip, etc.

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