Re: [MH-list] Re: Length of mains hookup lead?

Buff Eagle <buff@...>

One is the longest and one
the shortest length we could find.
> But what are the lengths please?

Im sorry Steve, but I don't know . . . and I am not going to unpack them to
find out for you !!! :0))))

You could go on line to one of the camper van accessory retailers and see
what is available. We were all given details of an on line catalogue in the
thread to do with Bar B Qs yesterday, perhaps they sell cables. We just
bought the shortest available and the longest available. I expect that more
options/lengths are available these days.

If you are going to get a long one and a short one you just need to
determine how short the short one could be if you are going to use it at
home. (I used a piece of string to measure how long the short one needed to
be in order to make sure it would reach to the van when parked up outside
our garage at home . . but that was years ago and I don't remember the

We are very glad to have a very long one as it means we can be where we want
to be on the campsite. We use CLs and CSs sites a lot and the informality
means you can pretty much park whereever you want, cable permitting.

Buff :0)

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