Re: [MH-list] Re: Length of mains hookup lead?

Steve Wilson <steve@...>

We carry a 12.5 and 25 metre leads, 12.5m works for most CC sites.
The other half of the 12.5 is semie permenantly connected up at home
Sorry ... didn't really understand this. You're saying that the lead that is 'semi
permanently' connected is also the one that works best at most sites. Is this correct? If
not, which lead is which?

One is the longest and one
the shortest length we could find.
But what are the lengths please?

steve, most hook up leads are 2.5mm2 not 1.5mm2, most uk ehu are 15a
so bigger cable safer bet.
The Maplins site has the current capacity of the 1.5mm2 arctic cable as 15A. That's a
wapping current, and some 2A greater than the rated capacity of the UK plug I'll be
using on the front when at home. I reasoned that the 2.5mm2 would be overkill, and
behave like a ship's hawser when being coiled.

most ehu leads come in 25m lengths which
are ok for most sites.
Whoops. And I thought I was overdoing it when I bought 15m :-)

Many thanks to all,

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