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Hi Group

Was thinking of getting a solar panel fitted to the van in the
near future. Hymer UK quoting £800 for a 60w panel though were vague
about the manufacturer of the unit. Read or heard somewhere that the
Siemanns panels were the only ones worth having. Is this true?
Further, can anyone recommend a dealer/fitter in Scotland or the
north of England who would do the job? Would be grateful for any
info, advice, or your experiences with these.

£800! They must be joking. Come to think of it, as it will be Hymer
UK aka Brownhills, they probably aren't. I got mine fitted by A J
Butt at Nottingham. Siemens 80w panel with a 110 ah battery all
fitted for a shade over £400 if I remember right. Invaluable. We
hardly ever use hookups and the battery indicator never leaves the
green section. Longest time stationary with no hook-up so far is
just over 2 weeks. That includes some usage of an invertor to
recharge the laptop. Have a look through the motorhome mags for
suppliers but ignore £800 - that's just Brownhill's fantasy world


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