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Hi All,
I note that Savapiont are selling a 17" LCD Flat screen
complete with speakers for £289.99! Does anyone know where I can
get a tv
tuner to put to it? It may work out cheaper than a full tv.
Dave C.

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Yes Maplin Electronics do a range of tuners from around £60 - £120, I
bought the £80 one. They were also doing a 17" monitor for £200 so I
bought that as well. The set up works fine, and with a decent set of
surround sound speakers it's like being at the movies. Be carefull
though some monitor (LG ones spring to mind)do not work with these
tuners due to the refresh rate. The tuner can also take a PC input,
so at the push of a button you can flick from TV to PC, quite a
flexible set up for only £280.


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