Re: [MH-list] Benimar Aereo 5000

clara pascual

We have a Benimar Sport since May 2007, and we are really happy with it: good value for money.

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Enviado: viernes, 1 de mayo, 2009 20:54:17
Asunto: [MH-list] Benimar Aereo 5000

After a few years of looking, we are thinking seriously about a
Motorhome. We had a few years in a Narrow Boat but SWMBO has a back
and leg problem so it is now sold.
We have been looking around and are currently thinking seriously about
the Subject line.
Has anyone any comments, good or bad about Benimar vans?
The unit in question has Cab Aircon which is on our "must have" list,
together with cruise control which I look forward to. A few other
extras, awning, main area Aircon, Fantastic Fan, bike rack, external
BBQ point, none of which I am jumping up and down about at the moment.

I would be pleased to hear any comments.

The other option is a Hymer 584 but we cannot find one near us (GLOS).
We do not have a great deal of storage area so length is very


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