Re: [MH-list] MH Insulation

Bennett Family

In message <58dbb5070902050353h6b2cd20cs16ae488fcaf38629@...>, Carol Weaver <corconx@...> writes
I recall Marty always swearing by the Alde systems, but as I have only had
Truma, I do not know if they are better, Steve you have Alde don't you in
the Concorde? What do you think
We have an Alde system (Hymer S830) which is very effective. It seems to give a much more even heat than the Truma and cuts in and out regularly with only a slight drop in temp before activating again. The last Truma system I had needed a 2 or 3 degree drop before reactivating. Plus there's very little nosie with the Alde.


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