Re: [MH-list] Driving In India

Bennett Family

mervyn@... wrote:
Just back from a fortnight in Goa.
Wow the driving there has to be seen to be believed. There seem to be=20
no rules apart from "Biggest goes first" and "Who dares wins". It's=20
not even obvious, most of the time, which side of the road they are=20
supposed to drive on.
I certainly wouldn't want to take the motorhome and I'm quite=20
a "confident" driver.
Has anyone done it?

I drove a coach there in 1969 as part of Comex 3. It was a great experience especially Afghanistan and the Khyber Pass but as a 22 year old you don't worry too much about the potential problems - I suspect I'd be different now!

If you search for Comex and Yorkshire Contingent you'll find photos of our 500 strong "expedition" that travelled in 20 Bedford Duple coaches.


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