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and Arthur (my friend) used fresh comfrey leaves as a tea. He is
now but he was almost 90 when he died.
So I am feeling a bit dubious about my recommendation. Do some
research. Maybe Martin might have some advice if he is about.
The Quack Watch website:


"An even more significant example is comfrey, whose leaves and underground parts are widely recommended by modern herbalists as wound-healers. Whatever activity of this sort the plant possesses is due to its content of allantoin, an agent that apparently promotes cell proliferation. However, comfrey also contains carcinogenic pyrrolizidine alkaloids, including echimidine and symphytine. Purified allantoin, free from accompanying carcinogens, would obviously be safer to use."

There's a tendency to for the general public to assume anything herbal is safe. That's far from the case - so you need to be cautious, especially if you are taking other medication.

The following link discusses how to heal broken bones quickly:

I remember years ago a Sheffield hospital was involved in testing magnets - they made a very small difference - from memory a break which required a cast for 6 weeks could have the cast removed at 5.5 weeks with the use of magnets - not really significant as it also involved messing around with magnets for 5.5 weeks!

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