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Hi all, and a Happy New Year.

I have always resisted France for a number of reasons, but have
in to pressure from my good lady to spend 3 weeks there in March.

Can anyone recommend an area that will be reasonably warm and
dry, but
with a lot to see? We love wandering around old towns and village,
coast. Just exploring.
We spent one Easter (can't remember whether it was March or April) wandering along the Med coast from more or less the Spanish border (Porte Vendre) to the Camargue, Arles and Les Beaux de Provence.

Plenty of interesting places - Agde, Sete, Palavas Les Flots, Aigue Morte, Grau du Roi, Les Saintes Maries de la Mer.

Inland there's the Cevennes National Park plus Montpellier if you want a big city.

Inetersting area - warm when we've been there and not too many people at that time of the year, however, some campsites might not be open.


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