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Well I'm going this spring so i'll email her,

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Well..... here's a good one to start the new year folks. I am posting
this on behalf of a lady called Barbara Hurley who is a friend of Mag &
Baz ( of MagBaz motorhoming fame). Barbara helps to collect warm
winter clothing for orphans and the poor, in four villages in Bulgaria.
The children range from very young to teenage. Anyone who has been to
Bulgaria will know that in winter it can be extremely cold and many of
the people are still extremely poor ..... so her efforts are well
recieved. She has contacts with the Peace Corps over there and they
help to distribute what she can send. ( Hats, Scarves, gloves, jumpers
& fleeces are required.)
Transport is a major problem; she usually posts parcels ( expensive and
costly)... but..... if anyone is making a trip that way anytime over
the coming year, and they could squeeze a box of woollens in, I am
sure that she would love to hear from you. Next winter will be as cold
as this one.
She has asked me to pass on her email address:

Any help will be most gratefully recieved.

Happy New Year All....... Hazel


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