Re: [MH-list] Yahoo tracking users

Ernest <ernb@...>

On 2/1/09 16:45, "Andy Clarke" <> wrote:

Personally, I don't have a big problem with targeted advertising, much
of the web relies on advertising revenue ...
As does nearly everything else, if we think about it. There is very little
that one can do these days without swelling a database or two. I do not know
if this was also brought up on the list, but certain card chips, like the
MiFare one used in travel cards like Oyster and in door entry systems can be
tracked very effectively. As can mobile phones, of course.

I saw somewhere that monitoring all of these things combined with the data
mining already in process from sites like facespace or mybook or whatever,
can produce a complete, almost minute by minute, dairy of a person. Where
they were, when they were. What shops they visited, which departments, even,
and what they bought.

At Alton Towers, carrying such a chip in an entry ticket, enables automatic
video cameras to track a visitor through the park and provide a personal DVD
of their visit when they leave.

The chances are that notwithstanding opt outs or anything else, it's too
late. You're in the book already.

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