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HI Jane & Mike

we were so sorry to hear about your van and dogs -in fact we are
back from Spain & Portugal & kept our eyes open and spread the
We take our Jack Russell away with us so we know what a loss it
be for you. Could you post a couple of pics of the dogs - we are
leaving again soon (just preparing the house to rent out

Best wishes

Gill & Bill Colthart

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Hi all,
Further update on the loss of the Hymer and pets, the insurance
company has paid up, still a loss financially though.
We now have a smaller van, a 6m one a Compass Drfiter 360E, goes
well, had the solar panels fitted by Solar solutions in Poole, new
batteries and a Fox D1, 1800w inverter with remote control and all
plumbed into the electrics, so just like being onsite.
We went back to Cambrils, Costa Daurada, just to satisfy
we went to a few rescue places, but no evail. Barcelona rescue was
the top of a hill, had to turn round to come down, front wheels
on the edge of a 200' drop, phew!
We are now around the Santa Pola area now, at the Carabassi
beaches, also by the Marina in the main town of Santa Pola.
Hope Karen and Ted get's the batteries sorted out soon.
Thanks to all for their help and support.
Jane and MIke.
Have a good year to all.

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Hi Jane & Mike,
Happy New Year to you both. Sorry to hear the search for cat and
dog was unsuccessful. So you are back at Carrabassi/S Pola. We
shall be travelling back within the next couple of weeks (with van)
so hope to see you around.

It's blooming freezing here, nice to be back with family BUT !!!!!!!!

See you soon perhaps

Ann & Barrie

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