Re: Skillet wanted

toboots1 <derek_sims@...>

silly question probably - but does anyone here have a double skillet
they want to sell? Everyone seems to hang on to them forever. Remoska
was hopeless when hooked up.

We are just back from our second trip this year to Portugal - we had
a great time but oooh so many vans in the Algarve. We like it further
up in the hills.

I believe you may still be able to buy a new double skillet from D & F
Promotions, the sole suppliers, who usually have a stand at the major
exhibitions. They don't have a website but their telephone number is
01953 789175. It's in Norfolk.

We found the Remoska very good but we haven't spent much time on
hookups so it was of limited use in the 'van. Tish used it a lot at
home but the reliability was very poor. We had three free replacements
from Lakeland after which we gave up and opted for a refund.

When you say there were so many 'vans in the Algarve, did that mean it
was difficult to free camp? Were the sites full up too? We were
planning on heading for Portugal later this month and hoping to do a
mixture of the two.


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