Re: [MH-list] 2009

Carol Weaver

Andy and Nette - a Happy New Year to you both and all other members as well,
safe travelling, and if you can, it would be great to hear how you get

Thanks for all your work again this year, trying to keep us on track and
sorting us out when we go too far off.


2009/1/1 Andy Clarke <>

Just a short note to wish all members a Happy New Year, and to say thank
you for (nearly!) all the contributions over the last year.

As some will know we are off to Morocco shortly - this time next week
we'll be in France on our way.

Jim Cheney has very kindly agreed to look after the Motorhome List
whilst I'm away, I'm sure you will all be gentle with him :)

Andy Clarke
Motorhome List Owner

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