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It is the sum of their customers' experiences which counts in the
end. I
Yes but to the customer it's their individual experience that matters. I know my company do their utmost to satisfy customers, but from time to time, often due to external problems (but not always) we don't provide the service that we would like.

Not only that, if you mess up once for a customer - then invariably something else goes wrong.

I had this scenario just before Christmas - we owed some tablets one evening on a prescription with about 20 items. The person was back first thing the next morning (despite having plenty to be going on with) and because of a bizarre wholesaler problem the item hadn't arrive. We agreed to deliver it. Did so - only for him to discover the sealed pack contained a set of "blisters" with no tablets in any of them! A manufacturing problem.

So he no doubt thinks we are absolutely useless!

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