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I've dealt with Truma direct and found their technical people very
helpful - they also will undertake the work themselves if you visit
I found the very opposite. Everyone was at some caravan show.
They have moved sites in the last few years - so possibly connected.

I've been to both sites - the first time for fitting an electric heating element to the hot water tank on a 2001 Hymer S820 (I think). Then last summer for them to check the air con system on current S830 which Hymer said was OK but failed to lower temp. Answer was that the unit was ok but they way it had been fitted didn't allow sufficient airflow and didn't recirculate the air. Hymer have since rectified this - I think - difficult to tell this weather!

On both occasions they were very obliging, knowledgeable and looked a thoroughly professional outfit. They had demonstration models of all their units set out in a seminar room for dealer training.

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