Re: [MH-list] Truma Combi 4 / Combi 6 Not Working

Paul Ramwell <paul_ramwell@...>

I too have a Combi 4E and have not yet worked it out!

It works perfectly on gas - BUT can anyone tell me the dial settings I
should be using to provide heat ( ideally with no hot water) using electric
hook up only?

The instructions seem incomprehensible frankly!


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Hi We have a Truma boiler fitted in a Rapido 992 which has only worked
intermittently since new, It was purchased in France, But taken to
Brownhills (Canterbury) Twice where a new PCB was fitted first time and
a new regulator on the second visit both at a cost, The fault sheet
indicates gas or primary air, but both appear to be ok.
When turned on the green and amber lights come on, the fan starts after
about 15-20 seconds runs for about another 15- 20 seconds and then
locks out. On a couple of occasions it does complete the cycle and
produce warm air / hot water not very often, so can not be relied on.
Any thoughts, suggestions gratefully received.

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