Re: Sites outside Benidorm/coast

Colin Mitchell <cmitchell@...>

Can anyone recommend somewhere NEAR Benidorm (all the sites I
have looked at seem to be extortionate). We have a motorcycle to
commute and sightsee the area but would like somewhere secure to
leave the van and return on a night.

Its not a campsite but u may wish to have a look at Camper Park Costa
Blanca. It's a privately run aire about 8kms NE of Benidorm with
good electricity connections plus fresh & grey water facilities.
There is also a sauna(!) and the area is gated, at least at night.

We have used it a couple of times but not recently; if my memory
serves me correctly it is about €10/night. I think it also worth
noting that we found the turning off the N-332 a little tricky if
there is traffic around as within a few metres of the main road there
is an awkward twist in the narrow side-road with buildings rather too
close for comfort. Depends on ur length of course; we r 6.8 metres.

Coordinates: N 38º35'02.0" W 0º04'53.0"
Tel: 00 34 96 686 8668 (English spoken)

Happy New Year to one and all from a rather wet and miserable


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