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Peter S

I used to use one of these (or rather an earlier version of this)

with my Ipaq. Never had any problems. Unfortunately now discontinued but this looks similar

With prices of stand alone systems now rapidly falling in price you could get a Tom Tom with european maps from Halfords for £110.

Peter S

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Hi All

Just experienced a strange problem with our GPS (TT5 running on a HP IPAQ 4700 with a Haicom CF slot-in receiver) and wondered if anyone else has had similar and/or knows the solution:

Travelling between North and South Devon on 24th and 27th December, both clear days, the GPS would start and lock-on OK but after a period of running it would apparently lose all the satellite signals. Removing the unit from its cradle and resetting the receiver interface appeared to immediately bring back about five or six satellites, but after a variable period of time, from a few minutes to half an hour, the signals would disappear again.  The set-up is the same as has worked in the 'van for three or four years, although I've added some more POIs since last using it.

I suspect a dirty contact on the CF connecter, so have sprayed it with IPA and slotted it in an out a few times, but it will be difficult to find out if I've cured it before setting off for the continent on January 16th.  I don't want to find out then that the problem isn't solved.

I'm wondering if it would be best to buy a new GPS receiver and was thinking about a Bluetooth one this time.  There appear to be a number available on Ebay but I'm not sure of the significant differences between them or how much the technology has improved in the last four years.  I don't want to go away from the IPAQ because it is useful for a number of other things.

Any recommendations/suggestions very gratefully received.



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