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Don Madge <don.madge@...>

On Sat 27 December 2008 12:18 Brian wrote

Hi Don,

Best wishes for your trip and the New Year.
I would be really interested to know the key places on your route to Turkey,
if you have time before you go.
I travelled around Greece a couple of years ago and would like to tour
Turkey one day.
Hi Brian,

We have only travelled out to Turkey in the winter time (Dec/Jan), up to now
we have used the short Italy - Greece ferry route.

We usually use North Sea Ferries from Hull to Rotterdam, then Luxembourg
(cheap fags/fuel), Strasbourg, Basle, St Gothard Tunnel, Milan, Bologna and
Brindisi then the ferry to Igoumenitsa.

From Igoumenitsa we take the Northern Greek motorway via Ioanina, Konitsa,
Thessaloniki and Alexandroupoli then cross the border into Turkey at Ipsala.

This is a list (and a couple of reserves) of our planned night stops you
might find them useful.

TRIER N49º 44’18.55 E6º 37’27.89

CHALAMPE N47º48’49.93 E7º32’27.14

SOMAGLIA N45º08’33.3 E9º38’00.8

TORTORETO N42º48’22.4 E13º55’36.9

VOMANO N42º40’19.0 E13º56’22.6

BRINDISI PORT N40º38’36.90 E17º57’46.11

IGOUMENITSA PORT N39º29’16.76 E20º15’35.80

KOZANI N40º20’38.01 E21º47’50.10

VERGINA N40º29’1.464 E22º18’58.536

ALEXANDROUPOLI N40º50’42.81 E25º51’18.35

IPSALA N40º56’03.57 E26º19’41.43

Safe travelling.


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