Re: [MH-list] Euro Exchange Rate

Ernest <ernb@...>

On 27/12/08 10:57, "Don Madge" <don.madge@...> wrote:

I've just bought 100 Euros from our local post office at a cost of £99.73.
It will be about 96.somethingP from NationWide this morning. I guess the
tourist rates will be well below parity and still sliding badly.

So it looks like our costs will go up by about 30% this trip whilst in
I used to feel good about living at 33% discount on everything. I can only
repeat that the quality and the service will be the last remaining fillip
available to us now.

Diesel in Luxembourg is about 80 Euro cents a litre and it's well under a
Euro in most other places.
French brand forecourts seem to be about 1€00 with supermarchés running
about 0€08 less. Not much difference at the moment. Not worth filling up to
come home. The extra weight will wipe out any savings.

The exchange rate in Turkey is also poor a litre of diesel is about £1.18
The will to travel further into Europe evaporates while crossing France.

Off on Monday if all goes to plan.
You have a good one, Don. Keep in touch if you can.

And a Happy New Year to all you others on the list.

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