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I decided NOT to spend Christmas at home (alone) in my HSA flat with
the 20 year old single mother and child + half the relatives living in
and around (all ex travellers) up above me sounding like a heard of
elephants above me. I opted instead to drive my motorhome (with Smart
car on an A frame behind) down to the C & C site near Devizes. It was
difficult to concentrate on packing for various reasons far too
complicated to go into here + my excited Westie boys (2) and Yorkie
girl all excited and wanting to get going. I arrived at 4pm at the
site and was so thrilled to arrive just as dusk fell. The warden
kindly offered to help unhitch my car as a few weeks ago I burned the
inside of my right hand really badly and was concerned I wouldnt be
able to drive.
Imagine my horror when I couldn't find my car keys!!!
I turned the camper upside down both yesterday and this morning - my
handbag I checked at least a dozen times so eventually decided I must
drive home to get them as I am going on to Shepton Mallet for New Year.
2 hours home - no keys, after an hour searching decided I must check
the van again and lo and behold what was sitting in the pocket of my
So 5 hours later and less around 23 liters later I am back on site
having missed my Christmas dinner (will cook it tomorrow)

WHAT A WOMBAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Antoinette, the times that we have got to a site and then not been
able to find items that we were positive had been packed
I could count on 20 or 30 hands :-) Think it must be something to do
with the excitement of getting away.


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