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In message <000701c964df$cff5d910$0600a8c0@acer015e4ebede>, Roy Coldrick <roy@...> writes
I guess this is one area where the built in satnav systems win out
over the
types that we have in that they often have a link to the vehicle
rotation or something which enables them to know where you are
even under
tunnel situations. In reality ours will only be a problem in situations
where there is a road junction within the tunnel. Norway?
On my current van I opted for the factory fitted Sat-nav, reversing camera and radio/cd/dvd player. Pioneer something or other.

I can report it will perform all functions but, to my mind, not as well as separate bits of kit. It is, however, very neat and folds away nicely.

The Sat-nav requires a CD in for detailed work which means you can't play CDs (OK we can use an iPhone for music), the position of the screen is not ideal for either reversing or maps and is fixed, the radio reception is poor (probably an aerial issue). If you have permanent camera (which I use when towing) it switches to a map when negotiating corners and roundabouts which tends to be when I want to be certain the Smart is still following me!

So I think I think next time I'll stick to separate bits of kid designed to do one job only.

Happy Christmas!

Bennett House

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