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Hi, it is in fact against the law to take more than three months
medication out of the country, therefore Gp's are not only breaking
law BUT helping their patients to do so as well.
I don't know of any law relating to the UK that has a limit on the period of treatment that can be taken out the country. It would be a strange law indeed that banned 100 tablets labelled "one daily" (100 days supply), but allowed 100 of the same tablets labelled "one twice daily" (50 days supply).

Other countries may have a limit on what can be imported - particularly where the items contain opiates. Greece did not allow codeine and there has been odd cases where people were arrested for taking in medication that could be bought over the counter in this country.

Anyone regularly using "Controlled Drugs" eg strong pain killers like morphine, diamorphine etc and stimulants like dexamphetamine need to look at the latest Home Office guidance as to what can and can't be taken out of the country.

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