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Andy Clarke <andy@...>

On 04/11/2008 23:33, calypso155 wrote:
Hi All,
Has anyone got an Alde engine heat exchanger setup? Does it work well?
I am looking into the supply and fitting of an Alde engine heat exchanger setup (see: to a 2006/06 Frankia T7300 GD Mercedes Sprinter 416 based motorhome? The motorhome is fitted with an Alde 3000 compact boiler / wet heating system.
The idea of such a setup is to be able to use the engine heat / coolant to transfer / exchange heat to the motorhome living area whilst we are driving during the winter months. Also if we ever get round to going skiing in a van to somewhere like Sweden then we could use the Alde boiler to protect the engine against extreme freezing.
I am having difficulty in finding an Alde agent that is knowledgable and confident about quoting for and undertaking this job. I would consider a DIY installation if it was feasible. Does anyone have any advice on this?
We have a similar system with our Webasto wet heating system except that at the moment there is no hot water storage. The Webasto circuit is integrated into the engine cooling system and the heat exchanger provides hot water on demand as long as the Webasto is running. I'm shortly going to change that by fitting a Surecal calorifier which will give us 22l of hot water storage, heated either by the Webasto, the engine, or an immersion heater.

The Alde installation doesn't look too difficult, I imagine the trickiest part will be connecting up to the engine cooling system and routing the pipework.

Andy Clarke
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