Re: [MH-list] What choice of well-equipped 4WD campervan?

Ernest <ernb@...>

On 5/11/08 09:01, "Don Madge" <> wrote:

In the desert we used strips of PSP if and when we got stuck. Brilliant
stuff but a bit heavy for the average motorhome. Not sure how well they
would work in mud though.
I took the kids to watch the aeroplanes at Heathrow, and parked my Rover 90
on the wide grass verge along the A30. Along with a whole load of others.
Came time to get home for dinner and everyone was stuck in the mud. Some up
to their axles.

But it was in the good old days - and I was a lot younger. Took the spark
plugs out, put it in reverse and wound it out with the starting handle. I
still remember how easy it was.

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