Re: [MH-list] What choice of well-equipped 4WD campervan?

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Posted by: "Ron Sutton" ronvsutton

I have seen (and been impressed by) the efforts of PRV, which I have
seen at shows and mentioned in Motorcaravan mags. They use Landrover
and Toyota 4WD chassis. I wonder if they keep in touch with their
customers and know (or facilitate) when they want to sell on.
PRV closed down about 5 -7 years ago. Their quality of work was very
good and ideal for a demountable to be used in summer for the odd
weekend. But their insulation was not as good as I later discovered on
German products.

Although operating from the same town as Land Rover (Solihull) they had
no connection with Land Rover. Interestingly, their main base vehicle
was Tata pickups, who now own Land Rover.

As for the other suggestions, like use a Tirfor, the OP is a lady on her
own (+dog) and having been trained in the use of Tirfors and used them
safely, I'd not recommend them for MH use.

They are very heavy, in part due to their use of a steel rope.

I had planed to buy one for our 4x4 MH, but discovered that the weight
of an electric winch with a plastic rope was a similar weight (we have a
very large payload, being well under 3,050KG UL). I would not have to
ever carry a Tirfor and store it. The bumper mounted winch however has
all it's weight at the very front of the vehicle - where else better on
a MH!!!

However a coil sprung Land Rover being a good 4x4, with diff-lock on the
third differential, and used correctly will be far superior. Other 4x2
part time 4x4, will often fail as they are driven into in 4x2 mode!
Getting out in 4x4 after the 4x2 has done the digging in, is not so

The Azalai is a good camper, it's dimensions are similar to mine. It
maybe ideal for the OP as it's plastic internal build would be ideal for
dogs and folk with muddy feet. But it's Thetford cupboard is not ideal
for regular use (no rude comments; please). It does however have the
advantage of being able to answer a knock on the outside door while in

Insulation is again, summer only. The wife and I want winter luxury
even in Norway in winter so we bought a Tischer.


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