Alde engine heat exchanger?

calypso155 <varden@...>

Hi All,

Has anyone got an Alde engine heat exchanger setup? Does it work well?

I am looking into the supply and fitting of an Alde engine heat
exchanger setup (see: to a 2006/06 Frankia
T7300 GD Mercedes Sprinter 416 based motorhome? The motorhome is
fitted with an Alde 3000 compact boiler / wet heating system.

The idea of such a setup is to be able to use the engine heat /
coolant to transfer / exchange heat to the motorhome living area
whilst we are driving during the winter months. Also if we ever get
round to going skiing in a van to somewhere like Sweden then we could
use the Alde boiler to protect the engine against extreme freezing.

I am having difficulty in finding an Alde agent that is knowledgable
and confident about quoting for and undertaking this job. I would
consider a DIY installation if it was feasible. Does anyone have
advice on this?

Cheers, Steve V.

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