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I always use the tunnel with my three shihtzu --but have only ever paid 90 return --30 each !
I did put a couple of vets names and addresses in a previous post-- !
There is a reasonable vet in Calais that use often and parking over night is easy to find in this area !
Keith F

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I plan to visit France (next year) as just now waiting for Pet
Passports (and mine)?? I would like to travel on Eurotunnel as I have
never been overseas before and will be taking my 2 Westie boys and
little Yorkie girl when I go.
As a newby (and a pensioner)can someone help me out with a good but
reasonable Vet in France. I also heard it will cost me 90 for the 3
dogs each way?? not sure if that is on the tunnel or the ferry.
I know you are a clever lot so know you will come up with right
information and any advice would be very greatfully received.
Also as early as it is my I wish you all a terrific Christmas


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