Re: [MH-list] Which is best?

Ernest <ernb@...>

On 4/11/08 19:00, "Pet Human" <> wrote:

I know it's German; ....
But is it? My Hymer Tramp M655 was built in France on a German Mercedes
base. The balsa ply, wood effect, paper covered furniture was manufactured
in Italy. Had I paid the full price - some £53,000 or so in the UK - I would
have really peed off, but at £35,500 for a brand new bus, it's OK.

The strange thing is, when I took it to French Hymer agents for repairs
under warranty, they wanted no part of it. I was practically ordered off of
the premises and referred back to the Munich Hymer agency where I bought it.
But most of it got fixed OK and I am happy with it.

As an aside, I reckon Eura Mobil to be the best fitted out vans, with
Carthargo a very close second.

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