Re: [MH-list] Which is best?

Pet Human <pethuman@...>

I know it's German; my point was that cheapo German ain't great quality
of finish. Basic construction seemed solid, but detailing was flimsy.

Peter S wrote:

But Eura Mobile is German.

Peter S

I recently hired a nearly-new Eura Mobil Profila Activa on a Ford
Transit chassis, and put 1700 miles on it. It was quite nice to drive,
and warm and comfortable inside ... but the quality of construction was
disappointing. Several bits of silly cost-cutting, such as cheap
locker-clips which didn't stay closed and were starting to break, a
flimsy main door with poor locks, a table leg held on so badly that it
broke off. Turned out it was a cheapo line of EuraMobil, and it wasn't
hard to see where the cost-cutting had happened.

So, if I as buying a motorhome, I'd look for a good European (not
British) conversion on a pre-common rail diesel engine. I'm only
looking for a panelvan conversion, and am increasingly tempted to to
restrict my choice to the Japanese vans.

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