Re: [MH-list] What choice of well-equipped 4WD campervan?

Andy Clarke <andy@...>

On 02/11/2008 10:51, B WEBB wrote:
You don't mention your budget but it might be worth making a phone call, or visiting, Youngs of Milton Keynes.
They will look for a clean second hand base vehicle of your choice and do the conversion to suit you, couldn't
fault the workmanship of the two I've seen. There are other firms that advertise but I've not seen examples of
their work. Probably more expensive than a secondhand one that isn't exactly to your spec. where you would
have to put up with the inconveniences, but, if it is exactly to your spec you'll use it and enjoy it more.
A conversion built to your own specification will at least give you what you want, and you can choose the base vehicle. However I would advise visiting some conversion companies so you can see work in progress. When we were thinking of getting a conversion done I visited Youngs and wasn't terribly impressed.

I think the base vehicle that would suit the stated requirements best would probably be a 4x4 Mercedes Sprinter. Not best suited for serious off-road work but capable of getting out of most sticky situations. Not too many of them in the UK but available fairly easily in Germany (not cheap though...)

Andy Clarke

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