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Motor home swap: you would come to New Zealand for a holiday and
you would use our bus and travel around the country and in return we
would use your van when we were on holiday in the UK. Or swap with
some one from and another country. More affordable holidays


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What motorhome swap means??
So sorry!!

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Can any one help us. We are Kiwis (NZ) and are hoping to do a
home swap with someone in the UK next summer we have listed on
motorhomeholidayswa and UKmotorhomes. net but have not been
successful. People who have done a swap reply and tell us how well
it went and others that they have made arrangements, but many don't
reply at all which is sad. Does anyone know any other sites that
could look at or any other suggestions. We have a son in London
we feel we would like to visit him have a look around the UK. I am
wondering if it is because ours is a 6 metre bus - profession
conversion most of the bells and whistles just no TV.

I have been reading about the solar panels we have one which keeps
our "house" batteries topped up so we always have plenty of energy
for heating hot water and the inverter (I think that is what you
it) Plenty of power for my lap top etc.

I have enjoyed reading all your comments, sorry to hear about the
stolen van and pets, a good reminder to us to lock up when we leave

Linda and Ivor

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