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And anyway, any copper knows how to add a few MPH.
And the rest. They have even got away with murder. Blair Peach?

I have mentioned it before, but if anyone wants to know how policemen work
and what they think, or the "Binary World" of a policeman, then read "An
Inside Job" by ex-copper Malcolm Young. It is a really good read.

As someone once told me, "All coppers are bent. A few are bent for the job,
some are bent for themselves, but the rest are bent because they know what
is going on and do nothing about it."

Don't believe that? Read "No Way Up the Greasy Pole" by Alison Halford,
"Stalker" by the man himself, and then "The Poisoned Tree" by his mate Kevin
Taylor. You will never, ever, look at coppers the same way again. As to
crime figures!

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