Re: [MH-list] Re: Repeat Prescriptions while in Europe

Carol Weaver

Our doctor has been fine, and when I need extra, I explain why and they
provide them. I was even given 6 months when we went down to Spain that
winter of 2003/4.... mind you they all took up a whole flipping
cupboard...too many for going in one carrier bag even....

Having just got back from France, and had a very bad problem with a crown,
where an abscess formed beneath the pin, I was unable to buy antibiotics
over the counter, we did try. Luckily the first time, we were with friends
in the Rhone Alps, and although German they speak excellent French having
living in Geneva for over 30 years, they managed to arrange an emergency
appointment for me..... the second time in Narbonne, we asked the tourist
information office for help in arranging an emergency appointment for
another lot of x-rays and prescription.....again not free....

My pills would I am sure be expensive abroad, being diabetic and on maximum
pills (threatened now with insulin) I will keep in with my doctor...


2008/10/31 pauline_7948_gen <>

We hoidayed in Portugal last year for 4 months and I was able to buy my
medication over the counter there much cheaper than a prescription in
the UK costs, which I did.In the meantime my daughter wa still putting
my repeat prescriptions in at the doctors so now I have a supplyi in
hand so that the next time I am away for a long period of time I have
no worries about obtaining my medication.



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