Re: [MH-list] Re: Speeding [was: cruise control, is it worth it?]


In a message dated 31/10/2008 15:37:19 GMT Standard Time,

I saw one handheld one on a dead straight road in the back of beyond
and he was hiding in the hedge bottom with the gun poking through the

Hi BobC,

I have a thing in my bonnet about angles if approach. If a camera is set up
to give an accurate reading when pointing straight down the road, then it will
give an inaccurate reading when pointing across the road at an angle. And
the closer the vehicle, the steeper the angle. Yes?

OK, the closer you get to the camera, the slower it will think you are
travelling, until when you are alongside the camera it will think you are
stationary. So it works in your favour.

But, would it be fair to assume that the zappers know about this, and adjust
their cameras accordingly. In which case it can then work against you. If
the camera is set for a 20° angle, but is used at 10°, then it will show you
travelling faster than you really are. I suggest that zero tolerance is actually
a minus tolerance. ??? And anyway, any copper knows how to add a few MPH.


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