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I've been using email forwarding with 1and1 for years and never had
any problems at all.


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Thanks Andy. I only want e maill forwarding at present so just want
a reliable one - not bothered about a website.
Peter S

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On 31/10/2008 14:21, PETER STALLWOOD wrote:
I know that some time ago there were some recommendations for
companies hosting domains.

Has anybody got a company that they would recommend.
I use - no problems.

You may need to be careful to select a company with UK-based
servers if
your websites are UK-specific, many of the cheapest hosting deals
are on
servers based in the USA, this can have an impact on Google
rankings if
people filter their results to 'pages from the UK'.

1&1's servers, for example, are mainly based in Germany and the USA.

Andy Clarke
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