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You get 5mph latitude in a 30 zone. I do not know if it a percentage
allowance or a straight 5mph.
We thought that too.
I think the ACPO guidelines recommend enforcement at 10% + 2mph, my
got a fixed penalty notice for doing 35 in a 30 zone.

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You want to be glad we don't live in Oz. I have a friend in Victoria
who was done for doing 51kph in a 50kph area! That's about 30.6mph in a
30 area?

Their argument is "it's a maximum speed NOT a target speed".

They don't mess about painting their cameras in bright colours or
telling you where they're going to be either.
I saw one handheld one on a dead straight road in the back of beyond
and he was hiding in the hedge bottom with the gun poking through the

Mind you, you soon get the message, DO NOT SPEED in Oz!
But returning to the original post, that makes it great for cruise
control as everyone's going the same speed.


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